About Bluestream Enteratainment

Every event we entertain at is different. We focus on reading the crowd, engaging our clientele and exceeding our customer’s expectations. We shape our sound and lighting to fit perfectly into any function or venue, providing music that’s guaranteed to please. We can cater our behavior and appearance to match. Depending on the crowd response, you might see us dancing on the speakers or just keeping it cool and classy.

When it comes to planning your event, we work alongside you to create the experience everyone will remember. With over 10+ years in the event industry, we know a thing or two about what it takes to have a great party.

The songs we play range counting on the event type. We supply a massive  music playlist from the 80’s thru to the top 40s today. We can supply our entire music library to each event we attend, so you can be confident that we’re capable of have the songs to match the maximum decadent responses from the crowd!

With my experience and knowledge we have a bottomless archive of music. That we will like to keep that dance floor full and hopping through the night.
We will play the music that both of you and your guests will like and want to be heard. We will give you and your guests permission to use our unlimited music archive. We will work with both of you and your guests to create the perfect and unique music experience for your adventure. As the DJ we will take requests at your events and play it accordingly and to the best of my knowledge that it will work for your events.

We have over 80,000 songs in our bottomless music archive, and we will welcome you and your guests to request a song from the archive and we will do our best and knowledge to satisfy everyone’s likes at your events.